Free LED High Bays for Warehouse Lighting

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Replace Old High Bays in Your Warehouse with LED High Bays FREE

Are your warehouse lights still running on old, halogen high bays tech with power-hungry light bulbs, which are eating up your business revenue? It’s time to switch to energy-efficient LED high bays that are designed to let you save big time on power and money.
Switching to LED high bays can help save your business upward of 80% on your power bills and hundreds and thousands of dollars on maintenance costs.

Free LED High Bay Lighting for Warehouse

Expert LED Lighting Installers in Melbourne, Australia

If you are a business owner in Victoria, you have all the more reasons to make the power-saving leap to LED high bays.

Under the state-operated Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, formerly known as the VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme, businesses are eligible for huge rebates when they upgrade to LED lights.

Under the VEU scheme, we install LED high bay lights free of cost in most cases (subject to meeting the free high bay eligibility criteria).

We have a large network of local A-grade electricians and LED High Bay products approved under the VEU program.

Our upgrade process kicks off with a free site assessment followed by hassle-free LED light replacement and full post-installation support.

Why LED High Bays for your Warehouse Lighting?

When compared with Halogen High Bays, there are many reasons why more and more businesses are switching to LED high bays. LED high bays are more energy-efficient lights and they have a very long lamp life.

LED high bays have over 50,000 hours of lifespan, which means their performance is better than other lighting fixtures. Long-life also means less frequency of maintenance and replacement.

In addition to long life, LED high bay lights consume very little electricity yet produce higher luminous output. Despite more brightness, LED high bays run on very little power and generate very little heat in comparison to halogen high bays, which are infamous for high energy consumption and heat emission.

But My Current Warehouse Lights are Working Fine!

The warehouse is a unique building and thus has unique lighting requirements. Considering the large surface area and the average height of the warehouse where heavy-duty tasks are performed, lighting remains the most important aspect.

Poor lighting can affect workers’ productivity along with an increased risk of accidents. Some of the notable benefits of upgrading traditional warehouse lighting to LED high bays are:

  • They are 80% more energy-efficient than metal halide or mercury vapour high bays
  • LED high bays boast 150 lumens per watt lighting efficiency with a wider throw angle
  • They have a long operating life, reducing periodic maintenance and fixture replacement costs
  • LED high bays are lightweight, weighing just 3.78 kg
  • The basic structure of LED technology is robust, hence LED high bays are more resistant to vibrations and external stress

Government Subsidised LED Upgrade

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program can help businesses cut their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses can save up to 80% on their lighting costs by installing energy-efficient lighting technology such as LEDs.

Lighting technology has seen an enormous development in the last few years. LED light fixtures are not just more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs such as halogen, incandescent, and CFL bulbs, but they also offer better light output, long life and instant glow times.

LED lighting also helps in correcting the power factor to the ideal range — close to unity. In warehouses, a low power factor is a sign of energy inefficiency as your energy retailer may impose a fine for wasted energy due to the low power factor.

Victorian businesses that have warehouses with old lights such as incandescent lamps, halogen high bays, and fluorescent tubes in their establishments are eligible for free LED replacement under the VEU scheme.

The Victorian government, in its purview of the scheme, is committed to helping Victorian businesses — by offering free LED lights for businesses — reduce their energy usage, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions through discounts on energy-efficient products and services.

How to Benefit from Government’s LED Upgrade Program?

LED lighting is very cost-effective compared to all other lighting options. But how do you avail the benefits of the government rebate scheme for LED replacement?

VEU program

You can participate in the government rebate program if you have a warehouse(s) with old high bays in Victoria. We remove all old high bay lights from your warehouse and install VEU-approved LED high bays FREE of cost to meet the efficiency, quality, and safety benchmarks set by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

We create VEECs when we replace old, inefficient lights with VEU-approved energy-efficient LED products. These certificates are then sold to energy retailers who are obligated to purchase a certain number of VEECs every year to offset their carbon emissions.

This process completely covers the cost or subsidy of your LED upgrade. All you need to do is sign the VEEC assignment form once the installation is complete. This way you will allow us to create VEECs for LED installation done at your warehouse.

Lighting Products We Replace In Warehouses

LED Tubes

T8 (Free)
T5 (T&C Apply)

LED Panels

T8 (Free), w/o Mount Fitting

LED Battens

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LED Shop Lights

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LED High Bays


FAQs about High Bays

Q: What is a high bay?
Warehouses, stores, factories, etc. have very high ceilings – a ceiling upward of 20 feet. An indoor light installed in rows to illuminate this space is referred to as a bay, which is called a high bay light. High bay lights typically hang from the ceiling using hooks, chains or may be fixed to the ceiling.
Q: What is a LED high bay light?
The LED lights used in the bays of warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and stores, etc. are called LED high bay lights. They are used as a cost-effective and energy-efficient replacement for metal halide, fluorescent and traditional high bay lights.
Q: Why choose LED high bay light?
LED high bays have a long lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which means they have fewer replacement issues. LED high bays are lightweight and up to 80% more energy-efficient than traditional high bays such as metal halide and halogen high bays.
Q: What are the benefits of LED high bay lights?
LED high bays provide clear and uniform light output without glare. The lights can be used for longer durations because they do not heat up and don’t contribute to the increase in temperature in the warehouse. Also, LED lights last 10 times longer, depending on the model, which means you have to change lights less frequently. Most importantly, LED high bays offer a better return on wattages consumed to lumens produced. This helps save on energy consumption and power bills and ultimately decreases your carbon footprint.
Q: Is the light output of LED high bay equivalent to metal halide or other conventional lights it replaces?
Yes. Metal halide lights have the decent colour rendering and illuminate the space well, a reason they are most commonly used in high bays in warehouses and industrial settings. Replacing them with LEDs however not only gives you a better lamp life and energy-efficiency but also better illumination.
Q: Do LED lights suffer from lumen depreciation?
No. An additional benefit of LED high bay lights is that they maintain a very consistent light output level over its lifespan (that’s almost 50,000 hours).

Q: What are the best LED high bays?
The answer to this question can change based on the specific requirements of a warehouse. It’s not a unanimous choice, what is good for one may not be good for another. Choice varies on the requirements of light, mounting height, location, and purpose the warehouse is used for. Our installer can help you determine the best LED high bay light for your case and provide you guidance on energy efficiency and government rebates to make an upgrade.
Q: Is the free LED high bay light replacement still available?
Yes. LED lighting retrofits are very popular in Victoria and many commercial entities have already availed the benefits of free LED high bay light replacement under Victorian Energy Upgrades (formerly known as VEET). We offer rebates and free LED upgrades through the Victoria government’s VEU scheme to eligible businesses.

There are some eligibility requirements to upgrade under the scheme that businesses should meet for free LED replacement. If you are unsure, it’s best to contact us for a no-obligation assessment. Our team will visit your facility and make a free assessment for the upgrade.

Q: How can I upgrade to LED high bay lights under VEU (aka VEET) scheme?
If you are a business owner in Victoria and still use metal halide or halogen high bays in your warehouse, you should upgrade to more energy-efficient and longer-lasting LED high bay lights for free. This is possible under the Victoria government-supported VEU scheme. Just reach out to us for a no-obligation assessment and we will do the rest; ensuring you have a peaceful changeover to today’s lighting technology.