Pawan Ranta

I write about energy efficiency and sustainable development. In my spare time, I go hiking and learn about how people in the Himalayas live in harmony with nature.

Why You Should Replace Halogen Downlights & CFLs with LEDs?

If you own a house or renting out in Victoria state, there are pretty good chances that you must have stumbled upon the government-sponsored halogen & CFLs to LEDs replacement scheme.  If you still have not switched to energy-saving LEDs just yet, there must have been some compelling reasons. LED light bulbs are far more superior […]

Free LED Lights Replacement by Victoria Government (Still Available)

Victoria’s most popular Free LED lights replacement and installation activity under the VEU Program (VEU) is still live. An average Victorian household or business spends about 5% to 30% of its energy budget on lighting costs. Switching to energy-efficient LED lights is one of the fastest and easiest ways to cut your power bills by […]

Switch to LED Lights in Victoria | Enjoy Endless Benefits

Here’s why it makes sense to say goodbye to incandescent, CFL, halogen bulbs and switch to LED Lights. We can’t emphasize it enough that the benefits of replacing incandescent, CFL, and halogen bulbs with LED lights are endless. They outweigh their competitors in many ways. Energy efficiency, durability, and better illumination being some of them. […]