Replace Fluorescent Tubes With LED In AU (Free In VIC Under VEU Program)

LED tubes are often used for workplace and retail lighting.

LED tubes are frequently used in workplace and retail store lighting. They work perfectly in climate-controlled spaces with standard ceiling heights such as offices, retail stores, garages, and factory floors. LED tubes are an energy-efficient substitute for fluorescent tubes. They also have better colour rendering, require less upkeep, and burn out less frequently, lasting up to 30,000 hours before needing replacement.

You should not get too stuck in a wattage equivalent if you are planning to migrate from fluro tubes to LED tubes. Rather, look at the lumens and height of your light fixture. Your in-home display energy monitor can tell how many kilowatt-hours (energy) you’ve saved when replacing fluorescent tubes with swappable LEDs.

We Replace Fluro Tubes with LED Tubes under VEU Program

The Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades rebate program on energy efficiency upgrades is helping Victorian businesses go green and save thousands on their power bills. Small and big businesses in Victoria can reduce their energy consumption on lighting by up to 60% simply by replacing fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED tubes under the rebate program.

We offer free LED replacement to eligible businesses under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program to help minimize energy usage, power bills, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. We work with Glow Green Pty Ltd — an Accredited Provider (AP) under the VEU program.

How Can Fluro To LED Tube Upgrades Help Your Business In Australia?

LED tube lighting upgrades can help your business in many ways like: T5 LED tube lights pair

  • It will reduce energy bills resulting from electricity consumption on lighting.
  • Reduce maintenance and labour costs on old light replacements.
  • Get state-sponsored rebates on replacing fluorescent tubes with their LED equivalents.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Unlike Fluro tubes, LED tubes can be recycled after they reach the end of rated life.

We can help you with LED replacements for fluro tubes.

Is Your Business Eligible For Fluros To LED Tubes Upgrade?

The answer is yes, and we still offer this service in Victoria. LED upgrades are very popular and businesses like yours can benefit from the rebate scheme. There are some eligibility requirements like a minimum number of old lights to be upgraded in order to receive a discounted upgrade under the VEU program.

There are other LED products like downlights and high bays and panels that can be replaced for FREE, but, again, that depends on your business type and activity your business undertakes, including the number of operating hours.

Common Problems with Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent light consumers face a range of issues. While the initial cost of a fluro tube is relatively low, problems related to operation and maintenance occur over time. Fluorescent lighting is designed to operate for a limited time period. Each time you turn on a fluorescent light, the lifespan of the tube gets shortened.

The more frequently fluorescent tubes are turned on and off, the shorter the lifespan is. Fluro lamps are also sensitive to temperature changes, and their performance depreciates in colder temperatures.


LED tube light and fixture

Energy cost

LEDs have a higher energy efficiency when compared with fluorescent tubes. Efficiency is achieved as 95% of the consumed energy is converted into light by the LED lights and less than 5% is lost as heat. This contrasts dramatically with fluro tubes, which turn most energy into heat and can utilise only 60% of the energy for lighting.

Maintenance cost

Maintenance costs of fluorescent lights depend heavily on the operation time of the lamps and fixtures. In colder working environments or where the lamps are turned on and off frequently, total life hours of fluorescent tubes get slashed significantly. Whenever a fluorescent light is turned on, the electrode coil and cathode shield get degraded and the lamp’s operating life gets shortened.

The lifespan of a standard fluro tube lies between 7,000 to 15,000 hours (LED tubes last up to 30,000 hours). The shorter lifespan of fluorescent lights stipulates frequent replacements and thereby increasing the maintenance and replacement costs.

Lighting performance

The performance of fluorescent light deteriorates dramatically over time. Performance is affected by ambient temperature and turning on/off cycle. The lighting performance of fluorescent tubes decreases explicitly either in a cold or hot environment.

Advantages of LED Tubes over Fluorescent Tubes

Energy savings

Switching over to LED tubes is an easy way to reduce energy costs. The efficiency of LED tubes is higher than fluorescent tubes as 95% of the energy consumed is converted into light, and less than 5% is lost as heat. This is in contrast with fluorescent tube lights, which turn most energy into heat and only 60% of energy into light.

Maintenance cost reduction

In addition to the drastic reduction in energy costs, lower maintenance costs give LED tubes an edge over fluorescent tubes. The longer lifespan of LED tubes reduces not just maintenance costs but replacement costs as well.

Lighting performance

LED tubes outperform conventional fluorescent tube lights when it comes to lighting performance. LED tubes distribute light evenly over the surface whereas light from fluorescent lamps is spread in all directions or 360 degrees. This results in excess light in some areas, particularly in an office environment.

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With LED Tubes In Australia

Fluorescent tubes are replaceable with LED tubes. Plug-and-play LED tubes are the easiest to connect since no additional wires or connectors are required. As long as the LED lamp is compatible with the fluorescent transformer/ballast, the fluorescent tube can be removed and replaced with its LED equivalant. If the ballast is incompatible with the LED tube, it can be bypassed by rewiring the existing fixture with new sockets.

We will do a free on-site assessment to check the number and type of old lights and your energy requirements. Installation is done by A-grade electricians. Old tubes or any other equipment that is removed or replaced is recycled in an appropriate manner. This is to ensure that old, inefficient equipment is not used anywhere else. Access the discounted lighting offer — under the rebate programs of various state governments of Australia — now by filling in your business details below and talk to our lighting expert today.

LED Tube Replacement For Fluorescent Tubes FAQs

Q: Is LED tube upgrade free for offices and retails?
If your business is located in Victoria State, the LED tube upgrade is free under certain conditions. In order to qualify for the free upgrade, business or household must have a minimum number of fluorescent lights to be replaced.
Q: How to claim LED tubes replacement under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program?
You need to contact an Accredited Provider (AP) first. AP is a business approved by the Victorian government to facilitate lighting upgrades. The replacement process for LED panels under the VEU program begins with fixing a no-obligation appointment by the AP with property owners (households and businesses) to perform a free assessment of the site.
The evaluation is accompanied by a comprehensive plan (in the case of commercial upgrades) and a visit by one of the installers / A-grade electricians replacing old lights with modern, energy-efficient LED tube lights.
Q: Is the installation free of cost?
Q: How does LED light upgrade scheme cut carbon emission?
By upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights, you are reducing the load on the electricity grids which are connected to coal-powered power plants. Coal is a fossil fuel and a major contributor to GHG emissions.
Q: Do LED lights save money?
LEDs have higher energy efficiency relative to fluorescent tubes. Efficiency is achieved as 95 percent of the energy consumed is converted to light and less than 5 percent is lost as heat. This is significant when compared with the fluorescent tubes, which turn much of the energy into heat and just 60% into light.
Q: What is the maintenance cost of LED tubes?
The lifetime of the standard fluorescent tube ranges from 7,000 to 15,000 hours (LED tubes last up to 30,000 hours). The shorter lifespan of fluorescent lights requires frequent replacement (more so in place of light retail stores) and maintenance of lighting fixtures. The long lifespan of LED lights translates into low maintenance costs.
Q: How LED tubes are environmentally-friendly?
LED tubes waste fewer watts than fluorescent or incandescent lights. By upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights, you are reducing the burden on the electricity grids which are connected to coal-powered power plants. Coal is a fossil fuel and a major contributor to GHG emissions.
Q: Who will install LED tubes under the VEU scheme?
All the replacement & lighting installation work is done by an A-grade licensed electrician. All
The installers under the scheme are licensed electricians and you can always ask for the installer’s license prior to the installation.
Q: How is LED tubes installations done under the Government energy rebate scheme?
The LED tube upgrade process under the VEU program starts with fixing a no-obligation appointment with property owners (households and commercials) to perform a free assessment of the site. The assessment is followed by a detailed proposal (in case of commercial upgrades) and a visit from one of the installers/A-grade electricians who replace old lights with new, energy-efficient LED products.
Q: What are the benefits of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes?

The major benefits of LED tubes are

  • Energy efficiency
  • Instant-on/off
  • Bright light
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Multiple applications like home, schools, hospitals, libraries, laboratories, and retail
Q: How LED tubes are better than fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs?

Here are some factors that make LED tubes lights better than fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs?

  • LED tubes are more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs
  • LED tubes are instantly switching. LED panels are solid-state semiconductor-based
    devices. They can be turned on within microseconds. Fluorescent tube lights, on the other
    hand, take some time to turn on. Moreover, fluorescent light develops a problem of
    flickering over time.
  • LED tube lights are bright. The luminous efficacy (lumen per watt) of the LED tube is
    higher than its fluorescent counterparts.
  • LED tubes are aesthetically appealing.
  • More than 50% power saving compared to fluorescent tube
  • LED tubes are easier to install & maintain.
Q: How long do LED tubes last?
LED tubes last up to 30,000 hours. Lifespans vary according to operating time, environmental factors (like humidity & temperature), quality of semiconductor material &
switching circuits.
Q: Do Led tubes come with colour options?
LEDs come in a wide range of colours. LED tube lights are capable of displaying a colour range, from purple to red, to a spectrum of whites and yellows.
Q: Do you get a warranty on the LED tubes installed under the VEU scheme?
Yes, 3-year warranty
Q: Is it mandatory to participate in VEU scheme?
No. It is a voluntary program.
Q: What is the quality of LED tubes installed under the VEU scheme?
LED tubes we install under the VEU program are Essential Services Commission (ESC) approved.
Q: What brands are approved under the Government LED upgrade program?
Major lighting brands are Philips, Primsal and Optitech.
Q: Why didn’t the electrician upgrade my empty or broken light fittings?
Broken lights are not covered under the VEU program.
Q: What will they do with my old/replaced lights?
Once our electricians remove all old lights, they will send them off for recycling at a government-approved recycling facility.
Q: How long will the VEU program run?
The program will run until 2030.