Free LED Panels for Office & Retail Stores


LED Panels come in different sizes and color temperatures, and most of them are dimmable. They are known for providing uniformly dispersed light and can be used almost anywhere.

Free LED Panels for Office & Retail Stores

LED Panels come in different sizes and color temperatures, and most of them are dimmable. They are known for providing uniformly dispersed light and can be used almost anywhere. Place them on a wall or onto the ceiling for a perfect light.
Fluorescent tubes are generally replaced with LED panels. LED panels are designed in such a way that they can snuggly fit into fluorescent troffer fixtures.

Why Replace Fluorescent Tubes with LED Panels?

  • Free for eligible businesses in Victoria
  • LED panels require less maintenance
  • Fluorescent tubes have a 360-degree beam angle – which leads to a lot of light and energy wastage.
  • LED panels we install use 16W less energy than fluorescent tubes while supplying a brighter light
  • A longer lifespan
  • High-quality light output (no flickering)
  • Better colour rendering
  • Faster installation

We Replace Fluorescent Tubes with LED Panels under VEU Program

The Victorian government’s rebate program on energy efficiency upgrades is helping Victorian businesses go green and save thousands on their power bills. Small and big businesses in Victoria can reduce their energy consumption on lighting by up to 80% simply by swapping fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED panels for free.
We offer free upgrades to eligible businesses under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program to help minimize energy usage, power bills, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you Qualify for Free LED Panel Upgrade?

If you live in Victoria and use fluorescent tubes in your business, you are eligible for the free replacement. However, we require a minimum number of fluorescent tubes to be upgraded to qualify.

Things to Consider Before and After LED Upgrades?

LED lighting upgrades at your business can definitely help in improving productivity and aesthetics, reducing energy costs, and setting the mood, but there are the following factors you need to consider before going for an LED lighting upgrade.

  • How long are your office/business hours? Operation hours are a deciding factor in selecting a range of LED products.
  • Does your current lighting help in improving productivity, comfort, and safety?
  • Conduct an energy audit and find out how much you spend on lighting costs?
  • Do you only need general lighting, or task lighting, or accent lights?
  • Does your LED installer follow safety and environmental standards for disposing of fluorescent tubes to meet government rebate program guidelines?

Why LED Panels Are Best For Your Office & Retail Store?

Better light output

Unlike conventional, bulky troffers, LED panels have an extremely thin design, making them suitable for low ceiling applications. They are so lightweight and easy-to-install that they can be mounted by just one person, thereby minimizing labour costs. LED panels are supplied with an integrated LED driver to help quickly mount and eliminate problems with fitting compatibility.

An even distribution of diffused light in the workplace is required for reducing eye strain and to avoid experiencing adverse effects of bad lighting. LED panels also help in eliminating dark spots and the number of fittings required to cover the area.

Switching over to LED panels also eliminates the disruptive flickering and humming sound of fluorescent electrodes, which get worn out over time.

Energy efficiency

LED ceiling panels are designed for installation where a fluorescent troffer is used. LEDs are highly energy efficient when compared with fluorescent tubes. The efficiency is achieved as 95% of the consumed energy is converted into light by the LED panel lights, and less than 5% is lost as heat. This contrasts dramatically with fluorescent panel lights, which turn most energy into heat and can turn only 60% of the energy into light.

This cuts utility bills by up to 80%. It is also a good environmental practice, as the demand for electricity from the grid decreases the burden exerted on fossil-fuel power plants.

The fluorescent tubes contain a small quantity of mercury liquid inside it, which becomes a mercury vapour when light is switched on. Mercury is very toxic and should be carefully handled. If a fluorescent lamp breaks or goes out, it should be disposed of in compliance with the government guidelines.

Also, fluorescent tubes are not instant on. As the electrodes get worn out over time, fluorescent lights develop a lingering flickering problem.

Longest lasting

LED lights, after installation, require very little to no maintenance at all, this is primarily because LED lights have a far longer lifespan. Fluorescent lights have a maximum of 15,000 hours of lifespan, whereas LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, i.e., zero replacement cost.

High colour rendering capabilities

CRI measures (on a scale of 0-100) the ability of a light source to reproduce the colour of an object under artificial light. LEDs that accurately replicate the sunlight have a CRI of 100. High CRI allows objects to appear clear and natural.

Perfect ambiance

When lighting up commercial spaces like a retail store or factory, LED Panels are the latest in lighting technology. LED panels come in a range of shapes and colour temperatures to encourage light adjustments to offer the desired luminosity level.

Build, design and flexibility

LED panels are lightweight and flexible. Their flexible nature offers several benefits. Moreover LED panels are offered in a variety of designs and shapes by LED manufacturers. You can choose a design that best fits your space.


LED panels can adjust colour temperatures according to natural lighting conditions or user presets.

Good for eyes

LED lights don’t produce any glare or radiation.



We Install VEU-Approved Panels

We only use LED panels approved under the VEU program to deliver the best lighting output for your business. All the lights we install meet stringent standards set by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) of the Victoria government. You can be sure that the lights we installed will save you money from day one.