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Blown low bays and flickering lights cost business owners thousands of dollars in maintenance costs every year

Built for low ceiling space (less than 20 feet or 6.1 metres high), low bay finds its place in garages, retail stores, and depots. The diffusers at the bottom of the low bay lights fittings diffuse the light and lessen the harsh reflections caused by lower ceilings.

This results in natural and aesthetically pleasing light in spaces with a low ceiling. In a wide variety of commercial spaces like warehouses, undercover & outdoor car parks, and factories, LED Low Bay lights are an ideal, energy-saving, low-maintenance alternative to conventional linear fluorescent or metal halide lights.

LED low bays are designed to provide quality colour rendered, crisp, white light for low ceiling rooms or low mounting heights of less than 6 meters/20 feet. With LED low bay lights, you can afford to choose from a wide color spectrum, i.e., warm white 3500K to cool white 5000K. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours – which is 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen, LED low bays lasts 8-10 times longer than a typical fluorescent light. LED low bay lights can either be chain mounted or pendant mounted, depending upon the space requirement.

High-performance 400W HID/metal halide lamps are generally swapped with 175W LED low bays. LED technology applications are endless and are the best choice for low ceiling areas. LED low bay lights deliver high lumen performance while reducing energy consumption and glare in low ceiling areas.

What Makes LED Low Bays an Ideal Option for Commercial Use?

LED lighting technology has reached a level where it has outpaced all older lighting technologies. Here are some of the benefits that LED lighting technology offers:

Free Replacement: LED low bay replacement under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program brings the high upfront cost to zero. Plus, high energy-efficiency and the longest lifespan offer high ROI over time. Also, insignificant heat dissipation from LED low bays reduces air-conditioning costs of a commercial establishment.

High Energy Efficiency: LED technology is designed to consume fewer watts while producing a higher lumen output than older lighting technologies. This means higher returns on investment and reduced electricity bills.Luminous Efficacy (lumen per watt) comparison of different lights

Better Light: Colour Rendering Index (CRI), colour temperature and lumen performance (lumen per watt) metrics of LEDs are best when compared with older lighting technologies. LED low bay lights offer a wide spectrum of colour temperatures, designs, and sizes.

Long Lifespan: Due to the longest lifespan of the LED low bays, you don’t need to replace the lights often. LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. Lifespan and maintenance of lights become important when it comes to low bay lights. This is because of the long operation hours of low bay lights in commercial spaces.

Low/No Air Conditioning Cost: LED low bay lights are best suited for low bay ceilings over other types of lamps, as LEDs operate without heat loss (insignificant heat dissipation). During the operation, other lights such as metal halides have some heat loss because of their inefficiency, which can add unnecessary heat to the room temperature. This causes quite an issue in low ceiling spaces. LED high bays cut air-conditioning costs owing to no heat emission.

Why Do I Need LED Low Bay Lights?

Because of their high energy efficiency, LED lights are the optimal choice for business owners; this is because it produces the highest lumens per watt while consuming very low energy. Moreover, LEDs last 20-25 times longer than their counterparts like HID or metal halides.

LED low bays deliver another advantage with their instant switch-on capability. Conversely, filaments inside an HID lamp take time to warm up before they begin to emit the required lumen level light. Higher energy savings can be achieved when LED low bay lights are connected to smart control systems. Smart LED low bay lights are programmed and equipped with sensors to take advantage of daylight and occupancy sensing.

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