Free In-Home Display For Smart Meter In Victoria

In-home display (IHD) energy monitor free installation for Victorian households who have smart energy meters.

In-Home Display Device Free Installation Under VEU Program

Wondering why the Victorian government is offering free In-home display (IHD) units and free installation for residential electricity consumers under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program even though you’ve already a smart meter installed at your home? While a smart meter measures and relays your electricity consumption to your energy retailer, In-home display (IHD) offers visualisation of usage data and monitoring your daily, weekly, or hourly electricity consumption.



What is an In-home display electricity monitor?

In-home display unit attached to a smart meter

It is a portable touch screen unit used with a smart meter. An In-home display visualizes (by plotting graphs or charts) your energy consumption on its built-in screen/display. You can also view the visualisation on your computer screen or smartphone app (iOS and Google App Store).

However, there are some in-home displays that don’t come with a built-in display. You can view and track electricity consumption on your phone or computer screen.

It allows you to track the usage on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even in real time. It offers granular control over your daily or monthly electricity usage or consumption.

With In-home display units, Victorian households can get real-time electricity usage and respective consumption cost feedback. This, in turn, translates into energy savings by developing energy conservation habits in household electricity consumers.

Why do I need In-home display electricity monitor when my smart meter is working fine?

Smart meters, also known as type 4 meters, is a digital electricity consumption measuring device that measures and records electricity units consumed at a particular moment — in digital form.

Apart from measuring, a smart meter transmits the digitally measured data to your energy retailer — eliminating the need to manually check and log the consumption data.

While a smart meter records detailed consumption data, a consumer can only access the data through a third party. In-home display makes it incredibly easy to access and visualize the data on your phone or computer screen.

In-home display is your window to your electricity consumption. Just hook up your smart meter with In-home display, and you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce your electricity usage by checking which are the most watts-guzzling appliances
  • Set a daily/monthly/weekly energy budget to track the usage
  • Check historical and real-time energy usage report.
  • Check electricity consumption of individual appliances — by switching appliances one by one while tracking the increase in kilo-watt-hour number on your IHD
  • Get alerts when your energy usage crosses a set threshold
  • Understand how, where, and when you could make smart choices that will save electricity and hence money.

An In-home display unit also allows you to see (in the form of bars/chart) the effect of an energy intensive activity or action like:

  • Using LED downlights instead of halogen/incandescent/fluro lights.
  • Having a bath instead of shower.
  • Setting the AC thermostat at 22 °C instead of 23 °C.
  • Washing dishes on eco-setting of your dishwasher.
  • Washing clothes with cold water or rinsing with hot water.
  • Air drying clothes or drying using a washing machine dryer.
  • Replacing electric water heater with heat-pump hot water system.
  • Running washing machine on full load or half load.

Free In-home display energy monitor installation under the VEU program

All Victorian households are eligible to get a free In-home display installed in their home under the VEU program. Though, there are the following conditions that a Victorian resident need to meet before applying for a free In-home display unit and installation:

  1. You have a residential property, and you haven’t already installed an In-home display. Commercial properties are not eligible for free In-home display installation.
  2. Your electricity meter is located within 50 meters of your residential building.
  3. You are a registered property owner.

FAQs about In-home display energy monitor

Q: Is In-home display completely free?
Yes. It is completely free for residential users in Victoria.
Q: Is IHD installation done under the VEU program?
Yes. Under the VEU program, In-home display or energy monitor installation is done for Victorian households.
Q: How much money will In-home display save on my energy bills?
It is subjected to what actions you take — based upon the information displayed by IHD — to minimize your energy consumption. Emerald EMS energy monitors can save between 5-15% on your home electricity bills.
Q: Who is eligible to get a free In-home display under the VEU program?
All Victorian households are eligible to get free In-home display under the VEU program.
Q: How long does it take to get the installation done?
IHD installation typically takes 15-30 minutes.
Q: What is the signal range of In-home display?
Emerald energy monitor has a transmitter that uses a long-range Bluetooth signal to connect with your mobile phone or tablet. Your phone will remain connected to it if you stay within 70-100 m range.
Q: How does In-home display work?
IHD reads light pulses from your smart meter, and you get instantaneous energy consumption of all your appliances on your phone or desktop screen.
Q: Does In-home display work with the accumulation meter (old dial) meters?
No. IHD works only with smart meters.
Q: Can In-home display be connected to more than one mobile device?
Yes. Emerald EMS In-home display can be connected to multiple devices (phone/tablet/computer).
Q: Can I see real-time usage data when I'm away from home?
Yes. You can track your real-time energy usage on your phone while you’re away. Though, you need to keep a IHD connected device at home.  The connected device is used to relay the data to your phone.
Q: Is In-home display more accurate than clamp monitors?
Q: Does In-home display work with all smart meters?

Emerald EMS In-home display works with almost all modern smart meters.  Contact us to know if your smart meter is compatible with Emerald EMS or not.

Q: Does Ecofin install only Emerald EMS IHD (or any other as well)?

Currently, we are offering Emerald EMS In-home display only.

Q: In the future, does it require recalibration/reconfiguration after the installation?
No. Emerald EMS doesn’t require recalibration.
Q: I don’t have Apple/Android phone. Can I monitor the electricity usage on my desktop?
Yes. You can view your current energy usage on desktop or tablet also.
Q: Is In-home display weatherproof?
Yes. Emerald In-home display comes with IP65 protection. It is waterproof, dust and UV resistant.
Q: How long does In-home display energy monitor lasts? Does it come with warranty?
Emerald In-home display energy monitor will last for at least 7 years. It comes with 5 years warranty period.
Q: Is Electricity Advisor compatible with all electricity meters?
Yes. Emerald In-home display energy monitor is compatible with all smart meter models. However, the In-home display will not work with energy meters based on spinning disk technology
Q: Can I connect multiple devices with In-home display?
Yes. Emerald In-home display can be paired with multiple mobile devices. If all the connected devices are out of range, a new device can be paired with it.