We acknowledge the fact that privacy is important to our customers and we are committed to providing it. Our privacy policy is applicable to the personal information submitted by the visitors on the website. It applies to visitors landing on our website via mobile devices or PC.

Personal Information

We don’t indulge in any kind of illegal or unethical distribution of personal information collected on the website. Personal information such as email address, name, address, telephone number, industry and certain company information.

The information collected by Ecofin Solutions ForU will only be used for the purpose of providing services to the user. It will solely be used for the purpose of communication.

Store information for two years –

Disclosure of Information

Ecofin Solutions ForU will never disclose your personal information to any third party service providers.

Access or Update of Information

Ecofin Solutions ForU promises that you as a customer can request to see your personal information that we hold. You can request to correct or update the personal information. For this, you’ll have to email Ecofin Solutions ForU at the contact address


Ecofin Solutions ForU stores all your personal information on secure servers in Australia or any other country.


Ecofin Solutions ForU is entitled to hold personal information both before and after the cancellation of customer’s account. This is only done for as long as Ecofin Solutions ForU is legally entitled to do so.


Your visiting of the website on mobile devices or PC, it is your consent to permit the collection, usage, storage, processing and disclosure of personal information in accordance to the Privacy Policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Ecofin Solutions ForU is entitled to amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without the notice to the customers. All customers agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy that comes in effect at the time they access the Ecofin Solutions ForU website on mobile devices or PC.

Terms of Use

Use of Ecofin Solutions ForU website is subject to Ecofin Solutions ForU Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy should be read in context with this. Any legal action or claims related to the website will be governed by the laws of Australia without any conflict that may occur with other international laws.

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