LED Panel Lighting for Offices


Save over 60% on your power bills by replacing fluorescent tubes with LED panels


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LED panels bring high energy-efficiency and performance to the office and retail environment, with low-glare performance, uniform lighting and high CRI for improved visibility and ambiance.
LED panels will forever change the way you see office lighting. The streamlined design blends form with functionality to deliver better illumination in a sleek profile. With lightweight building materials and durable construction, LED Panels require almost zero maintenance.

LED Lighting Upgrade Under VEU Rebate Scheme

Quality installation

Over 60% energy savings
as compared to fluorescent tubes

50,000 hours of
lifespan and 3-year
product warranty

Low-glare illumination

165-degree beam
angle for consistently
distributed lighting

Improved productivity at work

No UV radiation

Reduced carbon footprint


LED Products We Replace


T8 & T5 (T&C Apply)


T8 to Panels, w/o Fitting
T5 ( T&C Apply)


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Why Upgrade Your Office Lights to LED Panels?

★ Reduce energy bills by over 60%

Energy usage in old lights like fluorescent tubes is high because 15%-20% of the electricity is lost due to energy dissipation and heat. This means — if you use tubes in your office, 20% of your lighting cost is due to heat, NOT light. That’s not the case with LED Panels.
LED panels run on a cool temperature and convert over 95% of energy into light, making them a viable option for your office environment.

★ Zero maintenance cost

Fluorescent tubes last 1-2 years on average. After that, they need to be replaced with a new one.
LEDs last a lot longer than fluorescent tubes. They last as long as 10 years and require no replacement. Meaning, your maintenance expenditure on lighting for the next 10 years is virtually zero.

★ Better lighting

It’s time to say goodbye to flickering fluorescent tubes that take minutes to gain stability and full brightness. Even after reaching full brightness, they leave dark patches, resulting in poor office ambiance.
LEDs have better lux and beam angles that uniformly cover the whole area without leaving patches. Meaning better light output at much lower energy usage.

★ Future-proof lighting solution

Using fluorescent tubes is not a futuristic approach. Because they are 40% less energy efficient than LED tubes. LEDs have come a long way in terms of efficiency and innovation.
LED Panels have better energy-efficiency than fluorescent tubes — about 70%. If you’re still using fluros, your business is decades behind.

Book an appointment with us to upgrade your office to LEDs, and make your business future-proof. We only use VEU-approved LED Panels installed by A-grade electricians to ensure workplace safety and your eligibility for subsidized LED Lights upgrades for businesses under the VEU Program (formerly VEET).