Commercial LED Replacement
Under Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

Replace old high bays and fluorescent tubes with LED high bays and tubes under the VEU program and save thousand on power bills. LEDs we install are highly energy-efficient and long-lasting. They reduce energy usage and costs by over 80%. Moreover, they run on a cool temperature, meaning no additional air conditioning cost.


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Commercial LED Lights Replacement

Since 2016, Ecofin Solution ForU is encouraging Australian businesses to switch to LED high bay & downlights. We ensure energy-efficient lighting solutions and quality upgrades after an in-depth assessment of your setup and needs.

Our experts take a multi-faceted approach while evaluating your existing lighting. Our turnkey operation considers all aspects including consultation, choosing LED lights, installation and checking rebates for budget-friendly LED light upgrades.

Low cost

Commercial LED high bay & downlights replacement program is cost and energy efficiency solution. The upgrade helps save over 80 percent on energy bills.

Zero maintenance

LED lights consume very less energy and last over 50,000 hours or 20 years, meaning no more blown bulbs.

Quality products

LED products we install are approved under the VEU (aka VEET) program. We use brands like Philips, Ledvance Osram and the like.

Best in class service

Good service makes the difference. We focus on quality, not quantity. All upgrades are performed by A-Grade electricians.

Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient Solution

The commercial LED lights upgrade is the process of switching from old lights to cost-effective and energy-efficient LED products. We work with reputed LED brands like Philips, Ledvance Osram, etc., to meet the lighting requirements of your business setup.

First, we assess the illumination requirement of your setup and offer a complete lighting solution – and not just off-the-shelf products. This ultimately result is the most efficient lighting installations and your best return on investment.

Why Choose Commercial LED Lights Upgrade?

Here are some reasons to consider commercial LED high bay & downlights replacement:

  • LEDs we install are extremely energy-efficient, means there’s a 75-80% reduction in overall energy usage.
  • The LEDs run on cool temperature.
  • Our LED installations have no “refresh rate,” which means no flickering or fluctuations.
  • All LED upgrades are done under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program by A-grade electricians. This means quality work each time.

Install Now

LED Lights Upgrade Process


We will confirm the best time to visit your premises

Site assessment

We will conduct a free assessment of your commercial space

Detailed proposal

We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining your existing lighting, replacement products and ROI you will achieve


Our team of A-grade electricians will replace old bulbs with LED lights to ensure energy efficiency

Commercial LED Replacement Products

We replace old lights such as metal halide, mercury high bays and florescent tubes with durable and highly energy-efficient LED high bays and tubes. While planning your lighting upgrade, we always consider:

  • The look & purpose of the space
  • Suitability of LED products
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

What to Expect From LED Lighting Replacement Under VEU Program?

After the successful commercial LED replacement, you will be provided with a complete financial analysis of energy savings, installation and product costs, maintenance savings, as well as incentive payments (if any). We also outline ‘before and after LED installation comparison,’ in terms of an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by your business. This is done to ensure how going LED helps you do your bit for saving the environment.

Take advantage of commercial LED replacement under the VEU program and:

> Bid adieu to heat emitting halogen high bays
> Lower your power bills by over 80%
> Enjoy improved productivity
> Reduce chances of accidents & injuries due to poor lighting

Upgrade Now

Rebates for Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Victorian Energy Upgrades is designed to encourage Victorian businesses to adopt energy efficiency activities and reduce greenhouse gases(GHGs) emissions.
By switching over to energy-efficient LED downlights under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, a victorian household or business can expect $191* annual energy cost savings, 1065 kg of less CO2 annually (Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions) and $9274 savings over an average life of the LED light fixture.

* based on 10 standard GU10 halogen 50W lights, @ $0.23 cents/ kWh charge for 5 hours per day, 7 days per week for 52 weeks.
Commercial lighting upgrade under VEU program
The cost of undertaking an energy efficiency activity under the program will depend on the cost of carrying out the activity, the number of VEECs(Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate) generated and the value of those VEECs. As the VEECs are sold on a market, their value will fluctuate and this can affect the types of upgrades undertaken by Accredited Providers (APs).

A business owner can get all the rebates details that he/she is entitled to by sending a callback request.


FAQs About Commercial LED Replacement under VEU Program

Q: Why should I switch to LED lights?
LEDs are the most efficient, environment-friendly and longest-lasting light source. LEDs are modern lighting technology that is outperforming all other lighting techs.
Q: How do I know which light product is a right fit for my existing lights?
A lighting expert is your best bet for answering this question, as they can help guide you toward quality lighting solutions that reduce energy usage. Our lighting experts can conduct a thorough on-site assessment of old lights you are using. We assess the site to check the type and number of old lights and recommend LED replacement products to reduce your energy consumption.
Q: How does the LED upgrade process work?
The LED upgrade process starts with fixing a no-obligation appointment with property owners (household and commercial) to perform a free assessment of the site. The assessment is followed by a detailed proposal (in case of commercial upgrades) and a visit from one of the installers/A-grade electricians who replace old lights with new, energy-efficient LED products.
Q: Is it free of charge?
Some of the LED products are free, while others are heavily discounted under the VEU program. Eligibility for free LED installation depends on your business type and the product(s) being replaced. The VEU Scheme is a Victorian state-run scheme that aims to encourage people to switch from old lights to energy-efficient LED lights.
The LED lights at your business or industry will reduce your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). The VEECs we generate by doing LED lighting upgrades at your place are then sold by us to the energy providers who are liable to buy a specific number of VEECs every year, thus allowing us to offer the aforementioned products at heavily discounted prices or for FREE.

Q: Do I need to sign any paper?
Yes. We provide you with a service that is discounted or free of charge. In exchange, you are assigning to us your VEECs. When you sign the form, you are confirming that the details on the form are true and correct, the products have been installed and you have given us the VEECs.
Q: Why do you need to take away my old lamps?
It is mandatory for us to remove, dispose of safely all the replaced/old lamps and have them recycled under the VEU (formerly known as VEET) Scheme. We collect all incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs and dispose of them at the government-certified recycler.
Q: Is the installation conducted by a certified electrician?
Yes. All the replacement work is done by an A-grade licensed electrician. All installers under the scheme are licensed electricians and you can always ask for the installer’s license prior to the installation.

Q: Who is eligible for LED lighting upgrades under the VEU scheme?
Free and discounted commercial LED lighting upgrades are available to all businesses that are using old, inefficient lighting. They are eligible to upgrade from conventional to energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU rebate scheme in Victoria.
Q: Does swapping halogen/fluorescent lights with LEDs help the environment?
Yes. When you switch from Incandescent/halogen/fluorescent lights to LED lights, it doesn’t just save you energy and electricity bills, but also reduce the amount of energy required to light your home or business, thus reducing the carbon footprints and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions.

Q: Does the VEU scheme apply to Industrial and Commercial spaces/properties?
Yes. If you are a business or industry owner and use old, inefficient lights, you are eligible for lighting upgrades under VEU. Our Initial Assessment will identify your level of suitability to gain energy certificates (VEECs). The value of a certificate is determined by the current market price and hence fluctuates accordingly.

Q: How much rebate is offered under the VEU scheme?
The rebate amount depends on the following factors:

  1. The difference in current energy consumption and energy consumption after the LED lighting upgrade.
  2. The type of lighting being installed
  3. The market price of the energy efficiency certificates (VEECs) at the time and specific calculation method used under the relevant state (Victoria/NSW/South Australia).
Q: Can Ecofin Solutions ForU do the lighting upgrade?
Yes! we can manage your whole lighting upgrades process that includes,

  1. Assessment of current energy consumption and deciding on quality lighting products that are suitable to your workplace/home
  2. Installation of new lights by licensed A-grade electrician
  3. Disposing and recycling of old lights
  4. Your government rebate
Q: Will I get the same light output with LEDs as I was getting before?
The light output will improve substantially. We ensure that after upgrading your lighting to LEDs, your premises has a strong, uniform light output at much lower power usage.
Q: Are the new lights under warranty?
The manufacturer’s warranty applies. LED manufacturers generally offer between 2-7 years warranty on commercial lights. We only partner with reputable companies that offer high-quality products and are approved under the VEU program.
Q: What happens to the old lights?
Once our electricians remove all old lights from your workplace, they will send them off for recycling at a government-approved recycling facility.
Q: How will we manage the disruption during the replacement process?
We work with you to carefully plan an installation schedule for the upgrade. The replacement schedule will be carefully planned to cause minimum disruption to your workplace or home.
Q: How do I know what products are VEU approved?
A list of the approved units can be found on the ESC VEU Product Register.

Q: What is decommissioning?
Decommissioning ensures that the old lights cannot be used again. The decommissioning process is mandated under the VEU scheme. To meet the requirements of energy efficiency schemes like VEU, evidence of decommissioning (such as photos of the old unit or recycling certificate) must be provided.
Q: Why should I choose Ecofin Solutions ForU?
  • All upgrades are done by A-grade electricians
  • LED products we install are approved under the VEU rebate program
  • LED lighting solutions (residential and commercial) we provide are compliant with ESC’s guidelines and government scheme
  • We advocate energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and energy savings schemes’ growth
  • We help Australian households and businesses reduce energy bills and promote greenhouse gas emission reductions in a cost-effective way
  • We provide information about the cost and effectiveness of the schemes and energy efficiency in general
  • We advocate new and emerging energy efficiency technologies to provide maximum benefits to consumers