Car Park LED Lighting

Car park LED lighting products installed under
the Victorian government lighting rebates program (VEU) drastically
reduces operational and maintenance expenses on lighting.

Undercover Car Park LED Lighting Upgrade

Improved lighting in outdoor parking lots and undercover car parks provides users with a greater sense of security, both upon arrival and departure.

Lighting dark corners, especially in undercover parking lots, facilitates orientation and reduces the risk of a serious accident. Car park LED lighting solutions are designed to illuminate dark corners in parking lots, driveways, and basements and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

We replace old undercover car park lights (fluorescent tubes) with energy-efficient LED tubes under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

LED tubes and LED floodlights offer better light output and a low energy consumption, making them perfect for replacing with fluorescent tubes or halogen floodlights while reducing lighting cost for parking lot owners. Installation is done by A-Grade licensed electricians to ensure better lighting and safety. Whether it’s 5ft or 5ft fluorescent tubes, we replace them all with new-age LED tubes for no cost at all.

We provide innovative car park LED lighting solutions to our clients across Victoria. We also provide high-efficiency retrofit solutions for traditional fluorescent batten and HID lighting.

Key takeaways from the car park LED lighting upgrade:
• Reduced energy cost
• Reduced maintenance cost
• Better illumination and safety
• Better power factor rating

Car Park LED Lighting upgrade


Why Upgrade Your Undercover Car Park Lights To LEDs?

Reduce your energy usage by over 80%

There is a high energy consumption associated with older lights such as fluorescent tubes, as a significant amount of energy is lost as 15%-20% of the energy is dissipated as heat.

LED tubes and floodlights run on cooler temperatures and have virtually no warm-up time, which is why they convert over 95% of energy into light.

Reduce your maintenance cost

Fluorescent tubes last 1-2 years on average. After that, they need to be replaced with a new one. If you have a busy parking lot, you cannot afford downtime for a tube replacement.

LEDs last a lot longer than fluorescent tubes. They last as long as 10 years and require no replacement. Meaning, you will have to spend virtually no money on maintenance.

Better lighting

Say goodbye to flickering fluorescent tubes that take minutes to attain stable light and full brightness. Even after reaching full brightness, they leave dark spots, increasing the chances of accidents.

LEDs have better lux and wider beam angles to uniformly cover the whole area without leaving any patches. Hence, better light at lower energy consumption resulting in good parking experience.

Make your business future-proof

If you are still using fluorescent tubes, you are living in the past. Because they are 40% less energy efficient than LED tubes. LEDs were invented in 1962, and they’ve come a long way in terms of efficiency and technology.

They are 70% more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes. If you’re still using fluoros, your business is decades behind.

Book an appointment with us to upgrade your car park to LED – the future of lighting, and make your business future-proof. We only use VEU-approved LED products installed by A-grade electricians to enable your eligibility for the discounted LED upgrade under the scheme and meet your dynamic lighting requirements.

How Much Will You Save?

The amount of savings through the car park LED lighting upgrade varies as per the energy consumption and efficiency of the existing lights you are using. For example, if you want to upgrade fluorescent tubes to LED tubes, you can expect to save upwards of 50% on your energy bills.

If you want to know the exact amount, you need to give us the number and type of lights you want to upgrade to LEDs – the savings are significant. For more information on how much you’ll save, give us a call or fill our inquiry form.

Lighting Products We Replace In Car Parks

LED Tube lights

LED Tubes

T8 (Free)
T5 (T&C Apply)

LED batten lights

LED Battens

T8/T5 Twin Tubes to LED Battens (T&C Apply)

Car Park LED Lighting Installation under the VEU Program

As a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, we have worked with hundreds of Victorian businesses to help reduce our nation’s carbon emissions through subsidized energy upgrades. We have been in the energy business for a decade and have access to quality LED products to ensure high energy efficiency through LED replacement.

Ecofin Solutions ForU is one of the biggest LED installers in Victoria, which means we have better offers, better products, and experienced A-Grade electricians for a safe and timely energy upgrade. We schedule installations in a way that renders minimal disruption to your business.

How Do I Upgrade My Car Park to LED Lighting?

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Car Park LED Lighting upgrade
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Car Park LED Lighting upgrade
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Car Park LED Lighting upgrade

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Car Park LED Lighting Products

Car park LED lighting products installed under the Victorian government lighting rebates program (VEU) drastically reduces operational and maintenance expenses on lighting.

LED lighting also improves parking experience, customer satisfaction and security of your parking premises.

Lights in parking lot spaces need to work in harsh operating conditions. This is more true in Australia’s case. The operating conditions result in higher maintenance and operational costs. The LED lights are durable and they can withstand extreme climatic conditions.

LED parking lights need low to zero maintenance and their operational cost is lowest as they are the most energy efficient lighting technology. Moreover, LED lights don’t generate UV rays. This feature makes them perfect for lighting parking lot spaces or garages.


Types of Car park lighting

Indoor parking lights

undercover car parking LED lights

Outdoor parking lights

outdoor Car park LED lighting

Benefits Of Lighting Car Parks With LED lights

  • Save up to 80% on operational costs
  • Lower carbon footprints and energy use
  • Better lighting with reduced parking light fixtures
  • Reduce replacement costs with the longer lifetime of LED parking lighting
  • Visitors safety
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improved visibility
  • Right light distribution and uniformity
  • Better parking experience
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Future-proof your car park
LED lights in undercover car park

Tips For Impactful LED Lighting For Car Parks

1. Choose the optimum lighting level

Choosing the best lighting level is subjective. There are many factors that determine the appropriate lighting level for car park lighting. Vehicle traffic and parking space (indoor/outdoor) are the two major factors that decide the suitable car park lighting level.

10-20 lux level is adequate for outdoor car park lighting while 30-35 lux level works for
indoor car park lighting.

2. Integrate dimming controls with lighting fixtures

Car park lighting dimming control not only reduces power bills but also guides drivers to free parking spaces.

3. Accent lighting on key locations

Ensure enough lighting levels at key areas like entrances, exits, signages and parking meters to avoid potential hazards and inconvenience to users.

4.Use white light

White light creates the ideal ambiance in car parking lots. While light also assists security personnels in identifying objects or people.

5.Minimise glare

Reduce glare by choosing right lighting levels and concentrating light on key areas.

Why replace old halogen/fluro lights with LED lighting in Indoor/Outdoor Car parking lots.

Replacing old halogen/fluro with LED lights is an investment. LED lights of short payback period and they are pro-earth. Here are some benefits that LED lights offer and others don’t:

Improved parking experience.

Parking Lots with good quality LED lighting helps in improving the parking experience as high luminosity of LED lights boost the ambiance of the place. Parking lots with bad lighting — lights offering low color accuracy CRI and low lux levels– are perceived as unsafe and gloomy.

Improved visibility

High quality LED lights (lights having high CRI and lumen ratings) aid drivers to spot obstacles and pedestrians clearly while other drivers and pedestrians see oncoming cars from a safe distance.

Increased security

Security personnels can recognise a face or object if there are good lighting conditions. High quality LED parking lighting products improve lighting conditions in indoor/outdoor parking lots as LED lighting products provide uniform and glare-free high quality light.

Right light distribution pattern

Choosing a light distribution pattern can make the difference between great lighting and average parking lighting conditions. Having a optimally bright and evenly lit parking lot is the end goal that every parking property owner try to achieve

Lighting controls to save energy

Apart from inherent energy-savings that LED parking lights offer, lighting controls like dimming and motion sensors augment the existing energy saving capabilities of LED parking lights.