Why Choose Free LED High Bay Replacement for Your Business in Victoria?

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Pawan Ranta

High bay LED lighting fixtures are designed to hang from a ceiling via chains, hooks, or pendants, or simply fixed onto the ceiling directly. With energy-saving LED high bay lights that are heavily subsidised & even free, you can add aesthetic charm to the interior while cutting the energy bills & illuminating your commercial space.Victorian Energy Upgrades Lighting rebates

Ecofin Solutions offers FREE installation of LED high bays lights in Victoria state under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Taking advantage of the VEU rebate scheme, the Victorian businesses can upgrade their existing HPS and halogen high bay lights to new LED high bays for absolutely no cost.

On average, households can save $110 a year on energy bills while the average business can save $3,700. For larger businesses, dollar savings can run into the hundreds of thousands, depending on their upgrades.

Source: Discount on energy saving products | Victoria Energy Saver

Why LED High Bays Are Better Than Conventional Lights

Earlier, many warehouses and industries used to install conventional lighting solutions, like metal halides, fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, and high-pressure sodium lights, in their commercial space. Although all these lighting options come with their merits, free LED high bay replacement outperforms all these conventional counterparts.Table of comparison of Metal Halides vs LED high bay lights

Conventional high bay lights are so inefficient they’re more like a heating source than a lighting source. Halogen high bays works on the same principle as an incandescent lamp, which uses electricity to heat a tungsten element until it gets hot. Incandescent lamps are notoriously inefficient since almost all the electrical energy is converted into heat rather than light. Sometimes, the filament gets so hot that it literally evaporates.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why LED high bay replacement is considered best for warehouses or any other industrial space.

Industrial Highbay LED Lighting vs Metal Halide Highbay Lights

Metal halides are often installed in ballgame stadiums or fields to illuminate the area. Many sports arenas, industries, and warehouses install metal halide lights to their high spaces or ceilings. But the drawbacks of these metal halide lights is that they easily warm up and are expensive to maintain.

On the other hand, LED high bay replacement offers you a better lighting solution that doesn’t warm up. This means there will be no problem like flickering or fluctuation. LEDs even require lesser maintenance costs or effort, leading to saving your money and time to a great extent.

Highbay LED lighting vs High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting

High Sodium Lights (HPS) are also used in many industrial areas, businesses, warehouses, and recreational facilities. The advantage of these lighting fixtures is that these are cheap selling and high energy-efficient alternative than metal halides. These lights also have a long lifespan. But the downsides of HPS lights make them the least favourites of commercial property owners.

Some of the cons of HPS bulbs are the worst color rendering and warm-up period. But high bay LEDs don’t bear any such issues. LEDs are known to offer the best bright light to an indoor space. This makes LEDs far superior to HPS bulbs.

Industrial High Bay LED lighting vs Fluorescent lights

Some business owners also prefer fluorescent lighting in their warehouse or other industrial applications. This is because fluorescent lights are available at cheaper initial costs with relatively high efficiency compared to other lighting solutions. But its downsides include toxic mercury presence, less lifetime because of daily wear and tear, and it needs ballast for stabilizing the light. Industrial LED high bays, on the other hand, don’t have any of these problems. These LEDs are long-lasting with no toxic material. It offers you an eco-friendly lighting solution that helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

All these reasons prove that free commercial LED lights replacement is the best option for modern industries to save their money while preventing environmental harm.