Free LED Lights Replacement In Geelong

Posted on December 8, 2020 by admin

Geelong’s energy demands are ever-increasing. Being the second-largest & counted among one of the fastest-growing Victorian cities, Geelong’s carbon emissions are increasing exponentially as well. 

Estimates show that the use of electricity contributes approximately 70% of Victoria’s total greenhouse gas emissions due to reliance on energy generated from coal plants.


    While a shift to clean energy is required and desirable on the generation side, increasing efficiency is equally important on the consumption side. 

    LED lights have revolutionized the way we light our homes and factory floors. LED light bulbs reduce power consumption because LEDs are highly efficient, saves money though the initial cost is slightly higher than halogens or fluorescents,  and reduces the effects of climate change. 

    The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) of Victoria’s state government seeks to employ cost-effective energy upgrades to achieve decarbonization. LED lighting upgrade is one of many energy upgrade activities done under the VEU program.

    Switch To LED Lights For Free In Geelong 

    LEDs have revolutionised the way people in Geelong light their homes. By utilizing rebates offered by the Victorian government’s LED light upgrade program, we are offering a free replacement for halogen and fluorescent lights with energy-saving & pro-environment LEDs (LED downlights, LED panel, LED high bay lights, and LED shoplights) lights to households and businesses of Geelong. 

    By switching over to energy-efficient LED downlights under the VEU program, a Geelong household or business can expect over $200 annual energy cost savings, 1065 kg of less greenhouse gas emissions annually and $9270 savings over an average life of the LED lights (based on 10 standard GU10 halogen 50W lights, @ $0.23 cents/ kWh charge for 5 hours per day, 7 days per week for 52 weeks).

    Who Are Eligible For A Free LED Lighting Upgrade In Geelong? 

    Yes, all households and businesses are eligible for a free LED replacement. The VEU program is available to households or businesses located within Victoria’s state territory. If you are living in Geelong and use old downlights at home or at work, you are eligible for the free LED upgrade. However, the VEU program set a lower limit on the number of lights to be replaced. There are about 36 energy efficiency upgrade activities listed under the VEU program and LED downlight upgrade (Activity 21, halogen to LED upgrade) for households or businesses is one of them. 

    Why Should Geelongers Switch To LED Lights?benefits of switching to LED lights

    LED lights have surpassed all older lighting technologies when it comes to energy efficiency, quality of light, and lifespan. Here are some of the reasons why you should be opting for LED lights:  

    Free Replacement: Free LED light upgrade under the VEU program brings the high upfront cost to almost zero. 

    Ever-increasing Power Bills:  Electricity bills have been rising in Victoria state due to increased transmission & distribution costs and other charges like retail margin. Between 2003-2013, prices for household electricity increased on average by 72% across Australia.

    Chart showing Prices of household electricity In Australia

       Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    High Energy Efficiency: LED technology is designed to consume fewer watts while producing a higher lumen output than older lighting technologies. This means higher ROI and reduced electricity bills. 

    Luminous Efficacy (lumen per watt) comparison of different lights

    Source: IEEE Spectrum

    Better Light: Color Rendering Index (CRI), color temperature, and lumen performance (lumen per watt) metrics of LEDs are best when compared with older lighting technologies. LED low bay lights offer a wide spectrum of color temperatures, designs, and sizes. 

    Longest Lifespan: Due to the longest lifespan of the LED low bays, you don’t need to replace the lights often. LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. Lifespan and maintenance of lights become important when it comes to low bay lights. This is because of the long operation hours of low bay lights in commercial spaces.  

    LED Lighting Upgrade In Geelong 

    We offer residential and industrial lighting upgrades in major suburbs of Geelong like Armstrong Creek, Bell Park, Belmont, Breakwater, City of Greater Geelong, Clifton Springs, Connewarre, Corio, Curlewis, Geelong West, Grovedale, Herne Hill, Highton, Manifold Heights, North Geelong, North Shore, South Geelong, Swan Bay, Thomson, Whittington and Whitington.