Free LED Lights Replacement by Victoria Government (Still Available)

Posted on September 3, 2019 by Pawan Ranta

Victoria’s most popular Free LED lights replacement and installation activity under the VEU Program (VEU) is still live. An average Victorian household or business spends about 5% to 30% of its energy budget on lighting costs. Switching to energy-efficient LED lights is one of the fastest and easiest ways to cut your power bills by over 70%.

Why Government of Victoria Is Offering LED Lights Replacement For Free?

The free LED lights replacement and installation program of the government of Victoria state is aimed at reducing carbon footprints by achieving greater energy efficiency at homes or workplaces. To achieve energy-efficiency & resultant energy-savings on lighting costs, the upgrade of old/existing Halogen or CFL lights with energy-efficient LED lights at minimal to no cost is offered under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program.


    Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU), formerly known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), is the state’s flagship energy saver rebate program that aims to abate 6.5 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2020 through energy upgrades. That’s equivalent to taking 1.5 million cars off the road.

    The rebate scheme is aimed at making energy upgrades like switching from old lights to energy-efficient LED lights affordable and easy for Victorian businesses and households.
    pie chart of power usage pattern at a commercial establishment

    This pie-charts shows why a commercial establishment or a household is an obvious candidate for rebated or free energy-saving light bulbs replacement under the VEU program of the government of Victoria.

    Though it varies from office to office, lighting costs can typically account for 30% of the power used.

    Energy savings on lighting in the range of 20% and 70% can be achieved in a typical office with paybacks of investment in around 5 years, depending on the current installation and usage patterns.

    Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Australian Government

    Free LED Light Globes Replacement under VEU Program in Victoria

    Victorian Energy LED lights Upgrade program

    The Victorian government is committed to helping Victorian households and businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you to receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) by installing energy-efficient lighting.

    All Victorian households and businesses that have lighting technology such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and CFLs are eligible to participate under the VEET or VEU scheme.

    Does Replacing Old Lights with LEDs Lower Power Bills?

    Just by adding electricity-saving LED light bulbs, you save up to 80% on your lighting costs. That’s up to 16 dollars annually per globe.

    The Victorian residents can replace their existing CFL bulbs & halogen downlights with new LED downlights for FREE by taking part in lighting upgrade activities listed under the Victorian Energy Upgrade(VEU) scheme. The benefits of switching from incandescent to LEDs are well established and proven.

    After switching over to energy-efficient LED downlights under the VEU program, a victorian household or business can expect $191* annual energy cost savings, 1065kg of less CO2 annually (Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions), and $9,274 savings over an average life of the LED light fixture.

    * based on energy consumption of 10 standard GU10 halogen 50W lights, @ $0.23 cents/ kWh charge for five hours per day, 7 days per week for 52 weeks

    Halogen downlights have three major drawbacks vis-a-vis  efficiency and cost to run a house – the energy cost to
    run the bulb, the air leakage from the downlight fitting, and the displaced insulation that is required within the
    building regulations to minimise the risk of fires.

    The cost-effectiveness of switching over to LED lighting & different appliance upgrades is not consistent. A comparison of the cost-effectiveness of the different lighting and appliance upgrades is provided in the following bar chart.bar chart of cost effectiveness of lighting & appliance replacement


    The comparison is based on a case study carried out by Sustainability Victoria. The OGA(On-ground assessment) study shows the proportion of the total replacement cost and the proportion of the total potential greenhouse gases(GHG) savings.

    The most cost-effective measures for greenhouse gas abatement are the lighting, clothes washer, water heating, and heating upgrades. Upgrades to the dishwasher, clothes dryer and cooling are the least cost-effective upgrades.

    How to Get Halogen & CFL Bulbs Replaced Under VEU Scheme?

    To participate, you must work with a business approved to deliver or facilitate upgrades under the program. Ecofin Solutions offers expert LED lighting installers who specialize in end-to-end residential as well as commercial lighting solutions. We guarantee quality LED upgrades and high energy efficiency through Victorian Energy Upgrades(VEU-approved) LED products.

    The upgrade process kicks off with a free site assessment followed by the replacement and installation of old light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights and full post-installation support.

    We make sure that all the lighting products are approved by the Essential Services Commission(ESC). ESC is an independent regulator that promotes the long term interests of Victorian consumers with respect to the price, quality, and reliability of essential services.

    How Does Free LED Lights Replacement Scheme (VEU) Work?

    Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) is a Victoria government-supported energy efficiency incentive program that gives Victorian homes and businesses an option to upgrade from conventional lights to energy-saving LED lighting products at subsidized or absolutely zero cost. Under the program:

    • A consumer employs an accredited provider to replace an inefficient appliance with
      energy-efficient products like LEDs.
    • The energy saved by the retrofit cut greenhouse gases emission.
    • The greenhouse gas savings are converted to certificates (VEECs)
    • Certificates are sold and traded, creating a market that dictates
      their value.


    How the incentive will be calculated?

    The incentive total depends on:

    • The nature of the upgrade (quantity of energy total savings)
    • Value of the VEECs at the time.
    • The portion of that value that the installation company decides to pass through to the

    Here is an example of the upgrade of 36W T8 linear fluoro luminaires, 50W halogen downlights and 400W metal halides high bays replaced with their LED counterparts at a commercial establishment.

    Existing LightingQtyUpgraded LightingQtyVEECs
    36W T8 linear fluoro
    (magnetic ballasts)
    10022W T5 linear fluoro
    (electronic ballasts)
    (minus AP fee)
    50W halogen
    (electronic ballasts)
    10010W LED downlights
    (with new LED drivers)
    (minus AP fee)
    400W metal halide high
    (electronic ballasts)
    100200W LED high bays100650$15$9,750
    (minus AP fee)

    Source: melbourne.vic.gov.au

    Commercial Lighting Upgrade Under VEU Scheme

    A variety of different commercial lighting upgrades are eligible, including:

    Commercial LED upgrade products

    Why Upgrade to LED Lights?

    LED lights consume far less energy as compared to old (incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent)lights, saving over 80-90% on energy bills. They are durable and produce less heat, thereby have a very negligible impact on the environment.Illustration of Energy Efficient lighting comparison

    The maintenance cost of LED lights is far less than traditional lighting solutions. This means complete peace of mind for years to come! Moreover, LED lights consume fewer watts to emit a higher amount of light when compared to old light bulbs.

    How is the Upgrade Funded?

    If you think this government scheme is funded by taxpayer money, the answer is No. The initiative is powered by most of the Victorian businesses that pay an environmental charge in their energy bills.

    Your Eligibility For The Free LED Lights Upgrade

    Virtually anyone having a permanent residence or a commercial setup in the state of Victoria is eligible to apply for free LED lights installation under VEU. Anyone having old lights (incandescent, CFL, halogen bulbs & downlights, and fluorescent tubes) can seek lighting upgrades initiated by APs and their representatives.

    Upgrade Process

    The old lights installed in your home, office or commercial setup will be assessed by our team. All the upgrades are done by our A-grade electricians as per the strict guidelines and requirements of the scheme.

    Free LED lighting upgrade under VEU infographic

    Why Go LED With Us?

    With years of experience, we have successfully delivered energy efficiency upgrades to thousands of Victorian residential and commercial clients. Right from booking an appointment to a free assessment to installation, our time-bound end-to-end service ensures a smooth transition from old lights to energy-efficient lighting in no time.

    We believe in quality products and professional-grade services to make sure they can easily take on years of usage. The average lifespan of the LEDs we use is 10 years which can be even more with judicious usage.

    FAQs On Free LED Lights Replacement by Victoria Government

    How much saving can I expect after replacing globes, CFLs and halogen downlights with LEDs? 

    The amount of money you will save by switching from old lights to LED lights under VEU program varies from case to case and variables like type and wattage of old lights vs new lights, lifespan, electricity unit cost (cents/kilowatt), and daily operating hours. You can save up to $600 every year by replacing old light bulbs with LED.       

    Am I eligible for a free lighting upgrade? 

    Any household or business (using old lights) located in Victoria state is eligible for the free LED lighting upgrade under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

    Has the state government resumed lighting upgrade activities after lockdown?  

    Yes! Victoria has moved to the last step of the roadmap to reopening. Businesses are now allowed to doorknock and upgrade old lights in household and commercial settings to LED.  We adhere to the COVIDSafe guidelines and protocols outlined by the Victorian government. 

    Is it safe to upgrade household/workplace lights during the pandemic? 

    We are committed to following the COVIDSafe plan, protocols and lights installation guidelines of the Victorian government to protect the health and wellbeing of Victorian households and businesses. We follow the same protocols at our workplace too. 

    To ensure minimum contact, we follow the six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces/sites:

    • Ensuring physical distancing (1.5 meters)
    • Wearing a face mask
    • Practicing good hygiene 
    • Keeping good records and acting quickly if staff become unwell 
    • Avoiding interactions in close spaces
    • Creating workforce bubbles

    Why should I switch from old lights to LED lights? 

    You’re wasting money and contributing to climate change if you haven’t switched to the LED lights yet. Not only the energy cost of old lights such as globes, CFLs, and halogen downlights is higher but also time and more money invested on maintenance and replacement costs. 

    What type of light bulbs are replaced with LEDs for free?

    Incandescent bulbs, halogen downlights, CFLs, and halogen reflectors can be replaced with LED lights for free. 

    Is LED replacement under the government rebate available only to households?

    Residential and commercial properties are eligible for free or rebated LED lighting upgrades under the VEU program. Victorian home or business owners using old, inefficient lights are eligible for LED lighting installation.