Upgrade Your Aged Care Facility to LED Today

We offer the best in the industry: Subsidized LED replacements for aged care facilities. We replace globes, CFLs, halogen downlights, and fluorescent tubes with LED lights that light up your facility uniformly.

Why LED? Because:

  • LEDs are 70% more energy-efficient than traditional lights
  • They have a 165-degree beam angle which uniformly covers the whole area without any patches
  • LEDs come with the 3-year product warranty


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    Subsidized Aged Care LED Lighting Upgrades in Victoria

    In an aged-care facility, health and safety are the prime concerns, making it imperative to have a well-lit environment. This is important because most of the elderly residents have poor eyesight and proper lighting in all corners of the facility ensures an accident-free environment. High-quality LED tubes and panels ensure that the interiors (bedrooms and hallways) of the aged care facility have sufficient light during the day and sleep-inducing light during the evening, which is important to regulate sleep cycles and maintain overall health.

    LED Replacement Under VEU Government Rebate Program

    We provide the highest quality LED lighting products that can emulate the different wavelengths of natural light for a healthy living environment. Our aged-care LED lighting solutions can replace the existing fluorescent, halogen, and CFL lights which consume lots of power. Traditional lighting solutions are not easy on your pocket; high power consumption adds a lot to the annual energy bills.
    As part of the Victoria government’s rebate schemes, we provide subsidized LED lighting upgrades in Victoria under the VEU (aka VEET) rebate program, from old lights to LED lights which are highly energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and provide better illumination.
    Installation is done by our professional, A-grade electricians; you are in for a win-win situation.

    What is LED Lighting?

    LED is a light-emitting diode, a semiconductor that glows when electricity passes through it. LED lights are good for the environment because they produce very little heat, thereby resulting in minimal energy loss. For this reason, LED light replacement has become one of the most popular energy efficiency upgrade campaigns under the government rebate program in Victoria.

    Why LEDs?

    • LEDs have 25,000-50,000 hours of lifespan, i.e., they last over 10 times longer than halogens or incandescent bulbs.
    • Over 70% more energy-efficient than traditional lights – save a lot on electricity bills.
    • Produces negligible heat – meaning lower risks of fire.
    • Have no toxic materials like mercury, meaning no health or environmental impact.
    • The flexibility of configuration – different colours and styles for varying space needs

    Why Upgrade Your Aged Care to LED?

    The advantages of upgrading your aged-care facility to LED lighting are huge. The biggest being much lower power consumption, reduced power bills, and better lighting. Therefore it pays for itself in the long run and offers peace of mind. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should consider an LED upgrade for your aged care today.

    Subsidized upgrade

    We replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes and LED panels under the state government’s VEU rebate scheme. Meaning no budgetary constraints or quality compromises while going from non-LED to LED. Right from the assessment of your site to the upgrade/replacement of old lights.

    Reduce your energy bills by over 70%

    LED tubes and panels use roughly 70-75% less energy to produce better light output as compared to traditional light products like incandescent, halogen, CFL bulbs, and fluorescent tubes. Reduced energy consumption results in huge savings on monthly and annual energy bills.

    Reduce operation costs

    LED lighting greatly reduces operation costs of common areas like hallways, living rooms, etc., which operate 24×7.

    Return on investment

    The energy upgrade is done under the VEU government rebate program, meaning all old lights are replaced under the rebate program for a minimal or no cost. Even the small investment pays for itself in a small period of time. Moreover, LEDs have a far longer lifespan (25,000 to 50,000 operation hours), bringing maintenance and replacement cost down to zero.

    Even distributed lighting

    LED lights distribute light evenly, ensuring there are no dark corners in your age care. This important for the safety of elderly residents. Needless to say, LED lights greatly improve the look of your facility.

    Risk-free replacement

    Old lights are replaced with LED lights by a team of experienced A-grade electricians in a hassle-free manner.

    Good on the environment

    LED lighting has a massive impact on energy reduction and hence the environment. LED lights have very low greenhouse emissions, produce minimal heat and don’t release toxic gases into the environment.reduce GHGs with LED lights infographic

    By replacing 10 incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs, you save 0.7 ton of CO2 equivalent saved per year.


    LED Products We Replace


    T5 (T&C Apply)


    T8/T5 Twin Tubes to LED Battens (T&C Apply)





    Replace Fluorescent Tubes with LED Tubes & Panels Today

    You can get old lights replaced with highly energy-efficient LED panels and tubes today at the aged-care facility without any hassle. All LED products we install are approved under the VEU government rebate program.

    Types of Lights We Replace

    We provide all types of LED lighting solutions specific to aged-care facilities. We conduct a free (no obligation) assessment of your facility to evaluate energy consumption by old lights used at your facility and recommend a lighting solution that saves you thousands on your energy bills. Products we install:

    • LED Panels: A thin panel which consists of LEDs that provide ambient diffused lighting
    • LED Battens: Battens consist of LEDs that save energy and provide ambient diffused lighting