Ecofin Solutions ForU does the replacement of MR16 Halogen downlights to Non-Dimmable MR16 LED lights from reputed manufacturers including Philips, Emerald Planet and Primsal. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll have energy-efficient lighting in your home for very little or no cost at all.

Why upgrade to MR16 LED lights?

• MR16 LED lights lower the 50W halogen light input to 6W LED which cuts the energy consumption costs to almost 85%.

• Warm white luminance operates at 400/550 Lumens for better indoor ambiance.

• We use Primsal// Emerald Planet/Philips MR16 LED lights which have a certified operating lifetime of more than 32,000 hours.

• The replacement is done by certified A-grade Electricians in your location.

MR 16 LED lights offered by us

Warm white Prismal LED light operating at 6W, having 550 Lumens brightness
Warm white Philips LED light operating at 5.5W, having 400 Lumens brightness
Warm white Emerald Planet LED light operating at 6W, having 500 Lumens brightness

Replacement costs

Prismal LED lights – No cost
Philips LED lights – No cost
Emerald Planet – No Cost

Dimmable LEDs

Ecofin Solutions ForU offers a complete overhaul of your dimmable halogen lights with dimmable GU10 or MR16 LED lights. Not only do we change your energy eating halogen lights, but also replace the dimmer switch for optimized solutions.

Why upgrade to Dimmable LED lights?

Traditional dimmable lights can be really hard on your pocket, so you need to upgrade to LED’s in order to save money. We offer hassle-free replacement of quality dimmable LED lights for homes, and it is done why our A-grade Electricians.

LED tube lights

Ecofin Solutions ForU provides you with the best quality LED tube lights for commercial locations. The Optitech LED T8 tubes operating at 23W, 16W or 9W are on offer from us and all of them come with a free replacement guarantee. That means you upgrade to a better lighting solution at no cost at all.
Ecofin Solutions ForU provides a quality upgrade from 4 feet and 5 feet fluorescent lights to LED tube lights in your undercover car park for no cost at all. These LED lights are made from non-hazardous materials, and they have flicker-free technology with bright luminance.

Why upgrade to LED Tube lights?

• Operates at 23W/16W/9W for maximum power saving

• Have 50,000 hours lifetime rating and 3 years product warranty

• 165-degree beam angle for consistently distributed lighting

• Up to 60% energy efficient than as compared to fluorescent tubes

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