Ecofin Solution ForU is a leading Australian company incorporated in the year 2016 with a mission to help Australian households and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient LED products. We are expert LED lighting installers who specialize in end-to-end residential as well as commercial lighting solutions. We ensure quality LED upgrades and high energy efficiency through VEU-approved LED products. The upgrade process kicks off with a free site assessment followed by the replacement of old light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights and full post-installation support.

Australia is well on its target to achieve a 65% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2030. For this, the Australian government has set up the Essential Services Commission (ESC) which administers the energy efficiency target scheme. The goal is to give our future generations a world free from carbon emissions. If you were wondering why a country like Australia needs to curb its GHG emissions, take a look at the following infographic showing per capita GHG emissions of the major carbon-emitting countries.

Country wise per capita GHG emissions chart

Australia ranks among the top 10 countries that are emitting the most GHGs/capita. Undoubtedly, there is a dire need to reduce the share of the Australian GHG emissions.

We install LED lights into your existing light fittings or provide a complete LED upgrade solution to swap your old bulbs with LED lights for better energy efficiency. We specialize in offering trustworthy residential and commercial LED light replacement services through onsite site assessment, quality product installation, and guaranteed return on investment.


  • All upgrades are done by A-Grade electricians.
  • LED products we install are approved under the Victorian Energy Upgrade(VEU) rebate program.
  • LED lighting solutions (residential and commercial) we provide are compliant with ESC’s guidelines and government scheme.
  • We advocate energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and energy savings schemes’ growth.
  • We help Melbourne households and businesses reduce energy bills and promote greenhouse gas emission reductions in a cost-effective way.
  • We provide information about the cost and effectiveness of the schemes and energy efficiency in general.
  • We promote new and innovative energy efficiency technologies to maximize benefits to consumers.

We help our clients in a hassle-free upgrade and replacement of existing lights with energy-efficient LED lights to reduce the overall operating costs considerably while minimizing the impact on the environment. The replacement/upgrade is done for little to no cost, depending on your setup – residential, commercial, or industrial.

We believe in quality services. Be it on-site assessment or installation of the replacement products or decommissioning of old products, everything is done by A-Grade electricians. The lighting solutions we offer are in line with ESC guidelines.

Our Commitment

From old bulbs at homes, to high bays in the warehouse and everything in between, we have a range of LED products to meet your varying needs.


We are experts LED lighting installers working under stringent guidelines provided by the Essential Services Commission, Melbourne. Moreover, our strategic partnership with leading technology providers enables us to offer the best in class services.

All energy efficiency upgrades are done through a team of professionals partaking in the mission for a greener planet. Our A-Grade electricians certified by the commission ensure your peace of mind and hassle-free upgrade in a time-bound manner. Right from the time of fixing an appointment to assessment to installation of LED products, each step is followed by quality checks.

We work with Glow Green Pty Ltd — an Accredited Provider (AP) under the VEU program

The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.

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