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Disclaimer: The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.

Residential & Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade in Victoria


We are a leading Australian company incorporated in the year 2016 with a mission to help Australian households and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient LED products. We are expert LED lighting installers who specialize in end-to-end residential as well as commercial lighting solutions. We ensure quality lighting upgrades for high energy efficiency through VEU-approved LED products. The upgrade process starts with a free site assessment followed by hassle-free LED replacement and full post-installation support.

LED Products We Install in Businesses

We install LED panels and battens in businesses in Victoria. The fluorescent replacements with their LED equivalent fall under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program initiated by the Victoria government. Businesses are incentivised for switching to energy-efficient LED lights.

Our Clients

Passion for energy efficiency is the way we do business.
The commercial projects we have undertaken include

Why Choose Ecofin?

We deliver easy and seamless lighting replacement with state-of-the art LED lighting products. Every LED lighting product we install is VEU program approved. The upgrade schedule is planned with detailed deliberations with homeowners and business managers. After upgrading the lights, Ecofin takes care of the decommissioning process to ensure that the old lights cannot be used again. Our decommissioning operation follows all e-waste recycling and disposing guidelines mandated by the Victorian government.

Case Studies

We have successfully delivered hundreds of LED installations across a range of industries. We are well-equipped and capable of upgrading and installing all commercial spaces, including industrial, warehouse, education, healthcare, retail, and office.

Brands We Use

We use brands pre-approved under the VEU scheme for subsidised LED lighting upgrades